Bemerton St John CofE Primary School



Here at Bemerton St John Primary School, We want all children to develop the self-confidence, skills, knowledge, and understanding to develop a lifelong love of music, whilst also providing a secure foundation that enables them to take music further should they wish to.

Musical education underpins many aspects of child development. It develops and enriches communication, instils resilience and discipline and enhances performance skills that are transferable to wider life skills. Music allows our children to become part of a group, gives them a shared sense of achievement and belonging alongside a wider cultural and historical knowledge of composers and musical eras. Music is integral to life; that’s why our hearts have beats. Music is all around us; it’s therapy. It moves people and connects people in ways no other medium can. Music evokes emotions and provides a soundtrack to our lives.


At Bemerton St John, we use the Sing Up Music scheme which is designed and written by subject specialists. It sets out the skills, knowledge, and understanding to be gained by all pupils at each stage of learning, including the Early Years Foundation Stage. The units represent a complete and progressive library of resources that meets the requirements of the National Curriculum for Music, the suggested approaches of the Model Music Curriculum, as well as the Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage and Music Development Matters. Opportunities for cultural capital through world music are rich and progressive as are live performances of varied musical styles and genres. Skills within the key areas; Improvising and Composing, Singing and Playing, and Listening and Appraising are built upon each year.




Our music curriculum is delivered via high quality resources both concrete and virtual. There are high expectations that all children will make progress at least in line with other subjects. We hope that the impact will be that we will produce well rounded creative children that have had opportunities to perform individually and as part of a group. Formal assessment will take place via an online tracking system and audio recordings where progression is evident.