Bemerton St John CofE Primary School

Curriculum Vision

Bemerton St John School Vision

Through Love, Serve one another

Galatians 5:13

‘Through love, serve one another’, is a message taken from Galatians which challenges us to work alongside our school community to enable our pupils to not think of just themselves but to work together for each other.

Our Curriculum Vision

We have thoughtfully developed a curriculum built on the foundation of our values and Christian ethos that embraces the Church of England vision for education of ‘Life in all its fullness’, John 10:10.

Our intention is that every pupil is able to develop the personal qualities they will need to be successful. We aim to develop learners who are curious, adept at solving problems and inspired to achieve their potential.

Our curriculum supports all our pupils in their self-discovery of where their passions and talents lie. We will relentlessly promote a love of learning, set high expectations and provide them with the knowledge and skills to be independent, active learners.

The subject curriculum vision statements and plans provide more detail on how we achieve our high aspirations.

How we deliver our vision

Pupils will receive a broad and varied curriculum in line with the expectations of the National Curriculum. Curriculum plans are well thought out, clear and sequenced to enable a clear progression of knowledge and skills as pupils move through the school. The curriculum is regularly evaluated and reviewed by subject leaders in consultation with all staff thus ensuring the best outcomes for pupils. The curriculum is delivered by highly trained, motivated and dedicated staff.

Every member of staff models our values and set high expectations for themselves and our pupils every day. We are committed to ongoing, high quality professional training and development for all staff. We provide regular opportunities for subject leaders to receive and deliver specialist training. Subject leaders champion their subject and share their passion with staff and pupils.

We utilise our links with other primary schools, local networks and with subject specialists in our Multi Academy Trust secondary schools to develop links for ongoing curriculum development and learning opportunities. This supports our aim for all pupils to be fully equipped and prepared for success at secondary school and beyond. We engage with innovative strategies and programmes that will benefit the learning and progress of our pupils.

Pupil progress is carefully tracked to ensure any gaps are quickly addressed. We have a pupil premium champion and SENDCO who provide support, training and resources to ensure vulnerable learners can access the curriculum and flourish alongside their peers.

Beyond the taught curriculum we achieve our aims for our pupils through the provision of a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities. Each day we provide enrichment activities after school. There are regular cultural and sporting trips and visits and we have introduced Forest Schools into the curriculum.

To ensure our pupils are able to flourish in their learning, we provide excellent pastoral care through ELSA and Thrive programmes. All staff place the highest priority on the nurture and care for pupils through keeping them safe, educating them about self-care, healthy eating and minds and on line safety.

We take every opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our pupils so that they feel valued and motivated to continue to achieve even more. 

Impact of our vision

Our values and ethos permeate all aspects of our curriculum and daily life. They inform every decision we make, our pupils and their families are absolutely at the heart of all we do.

All pupils will have received a broad and engaging curriculum that ensures they meet and exceed their expected progress regardless of their starting points so that they can achieve future success and an ongoing love of learning.

By the time our pupils leave Bemerton St John they will be ready for the challenges of secondary school. They will have the confidence, knowledge and skills that will allow them to make this a successful transition so that they can flourish in Key Stage 3. Pupils will have a sense of their own self-worth and be on the journey of self-discovery in their learning and personal development so that they can go on to be citizens of the world.

Pupils will understand their responsibilities as part of a community in regards to being respectful of others and their opinions, regardless of difference. They will value the importance of perseverance especially when things become difficult and have the wisdom to make informed decisions about what is right and wrong. Pupils will be able to articulate what is fair and just and be forming an understanding when and how we should speak out against injustice so that they can be the change makers of the future.

Pupils will be able to express their thankfulness for the learning they receive, the love and support of those around them and the gifts and talents they can use to make a positive contribution to their community. Pupils will have learnt the importance of love and forgiveness and have experienced the power of service to others so that they can contribute to the generation that provides the hope of lasting peace.