Bemerton St John CofE Primary School



Our vision for Art is to give children the knowledge and skills they require to become independent, reflective artists who persevere to achieve their full potential. We aim to support children in their learning journey by encouraging and developing their artistic skills through the use of a range of materials and methods as they progress through the school. We have ensured that the skills covered in each year group are age-appropriate but get progressively harder, in line with the National Curriculum. To enhance the pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the wider world of Art, we have included studies of famous and local artists; this helps us to set high expectations and encourages pupils to discover a passion for Art.



During Art lessons, we focus on teaching a range of skills, which build upon those taught in the previous year group. Children use their sketchbooks to practise these skills before applying them in a final piece of artwork. Each year group studies the work of three famous artists in order to embed their understanding of particular techniques. In certain year groups, these are local artists who produce pictures of famous local landmarks. To enable children to create the highest quality artwork, we ensure our materials and equipment are suitable for the techniques they are required to do. We believe it is important to praise resilience and perseverance during Art lessons, as this will encourage all children to do their best.

Below is an overview of what is covered in each term for every year group.


The impact of our art curriculum will be evidenced in sketch books and on displays around the school, as progression in skills will be clear within and across year groups. All formative assessment is recorded on an online tracking system to monitor progress in the key skills. Another invaluable way to measure impact will be by talking to the children; we hope that pupils at Bemerton St John will be able to talk knowledgeably about a range of methods, discuss the work of famous artists and evaluate and suggest improvements to their own work, thus fulfilling our vision.