Bemerton St John CofE Primary School

Our Vision and Values

Vision and Values

 Through love, serve one another

Galatians 5:13

Core focus

At Bemerton St John, children flourish across the curriculum and develop their own spirituality and self-confidence, which enables them to reach their potential and work within our close community family, to serve one another.

‘Through love, serve one another’, is a message taken from Galatians which challenges us to work alongside our school community to enable our pupils to not think of just themselves but to work together for each other.

Our School Values

Educating for Thankfulness: We do not take for granted the gifts we have been given, the privileges we are afforded or those who love and nurture us so that we can serve others.

Educating for Respect: We celebrate diversity and value the views of others. We have respect for the value of each individual as a unique original so that we all have a voice.

Educating for Wisdom: We learn how to make informed choices between what is right and wrong. We develop a passion for knowledge and understanding so that we can continue to grow in wisdom and learn from our mistakes.

Educating for Perseverance: We gain the strength to keep going when it is easier not to and learn the value of pursuing the goal whatever obstacles stand in our way so that we achieve the success we wish for.

Educating for Fairness: We gain an understanding of what is fair and just so that we can grow in the confidence to challenge injustice whenever we encounter it.