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Bemerton St John C of E Primary School

'Through love, serve one another' - Galatians 5:13

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Welcome to Eagles 2023-2024

Welcome to term 4!

For the first 2 weeks, swimming continues to be each Tuesday for some pupils while the rest of the class have gymnastics at the same time.

We will inform you of any changes in PE days for the remainder of the term by week 2.

There are many exciting opportunities taking place this term!

PGL will be a highlight and we're very excited about all the adventurous activities which we will experience!

The whole school Science Fair is a fantastic opportunity for all pupils to investigate any aspect of science and to have a go at thinking and working like scientists. We look forward to seeing their projects later in March.

Scroll down for details of terms 1, 2 and 3.

The timetable will stay the same as term 3 for the first 2 weeks.

The Year 6 Team is:

Mrs Young, Mrs Skuse and Mrs Bell.


General Information for Parents

 Click here for Y6 Curriculum Overview for the year. 

Click here for Y6 Timetable for term 3.

Click here for the parent information letter from term 1.


Weekly Routines

Please read the Year 6 Newsletter  (attached above) for further details.

PE: In term 4, PE days is still Thursday with Ben. Please arrive in school in full PE kit. 

Our 2nd PE lesson day  will be Tuesdays for the first 2 weeks of term. 

Reading: Reading to be completed with an adult at home 5 times per week and noted in homework diary, 1 parental signature is needed each week. 1 raffle ticket will be awarded to you child to celebrate achieving this each week. Diaries to be handed in every Monday morning.

Homework: Set every Wednesday and due in the following Monday each week. Homework is completed for maths, reading (comprehension/guided reading) and SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) in CGP text books provided by the school. Details of the pages to be completed will be added to the Learn Platform each Wednesday. 

Spellings: Each week, 5 spellings will be sent home from the Y5 and 6 statutory spelling list to practise,  ready for a weekly test which takes place every Friday morning. 

Times Tables: Either use Times Table Rockstars or Hit the Button at least 4-5 times per week to support all children in their learning.

TERM 1 Photos - see below

We started the term by creating self-portraits in the style of Chuck Close. You'll be able to see these at the Art and DT exhibition at the end of term 2. They are fantastic!

The class have spent term 1 exploring the commitment shown in the Islamic faith. There have been many reflective discussions using the Five Pillars of Islam as the key focus.

TERM 2 Photos - see below

Term 2 has flown by! So much wonderful work has been produced by Eagles. Here are just a small number of photos of the excellent puppets made. We know many of you were able to join us at the art and DT exhibition at the end of term 2 and could see how creative the pupils had been.

The Remembrance Wreath was an important part of term 2 as we remembered those in conflict now and in the past.

Eagles were able to enjoy their last Forest School sessions with Mrs Hill and developed a range of skills each Tuesday.

TERM 3 Photos - see below

Although being very short, term 3 was filled to the brim! Here are just a few highlights.

We welcomed Wendy, from The Bridge, who really helped with understanding the Kingdom of God. The pupils explored what makes a good and bad ruler and linked this to Jesus and Christians today.

Mrs Bell created a very informative book corner. She introduced the class to 'The Week' and has copied many articles, helping to develop knowledge about current affairs within the UK and worldwide. The pupils do read these when we have our independent reading times in class.

Two police officers visited year 6 to give a very useful talk about cyber safety. The children listened and contributed thoughtfully. We hope they will take this understanding forward as they use their different devices and will remain safe.


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